Care for the Eyes

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In the early chapter, Dharana was explained as concentration of mind. The chief work of the mind is to wander about and always think about anything. It is very difficult to bring the mind to one pointedness. By simple process it is possible to have concentration of mind to some extent only when there is concentration any work is possible and can be done with perfection.
Eyes have a link with the thoughts. Hence only great sages have meditated closing the eyes. The eyes are very important. There are no words to describe the glory and the importance of eyes. It is quite essential to protect the eyesight improves. But all are not able to do this. But they can follow at least some minimum exercise to protect the eyes.

By fixing the eyes on a particular object for long duration, the eyes are strained much. For example reading for long duration without break may affect the eyes. At convenient interval some rest is essential for the eyes. Reading in dim light and powerful light may also affect the eyesight.

The rotation of eyeballs to the right side and left side, some two or three times is a form of exercise to the eyes. Sometimes when we are walking on the road, dust particles fall on eyes. Rubbing the eyes immediately is not good. This is dangerous also. God has created tears in the eyes. This tear liquid will automatically bring the particles towards the end.

Seeing a distant object and seeing a near object alternatively is also a form of exercise.

When reading for long duration, wash the eyes with cold water. The lord is in the form of light only as described in scriptures. The eyes, which receive the light need to be protected.

Now a days every house has a T.V. set. This T.V. set has almost become a necessity. Yes – indeed. But viewing the T.V.program sitting close to the T.V.set, or lying on bed may affect the eyesight.

In the case of people who have night duty it is essential that they should sleep after returning home, thus giving rest to the eyes.

When there is any defect in the eyes, as redness, or in vision, or spots etc., immediately eye doctor should be consulted. Delaying this consultation may lead to complications. Let us protect the eyes carefully.


There is a proverb, “Practice before you preach” In the same way, in 1939, in my eighteenth age, I went to Rishikesh to have Dharsan of Shre Swami Sivananda. I learnt Asana Practice there. Then after returning to Tiruchirapalli, a branch of the Divine life society was opened at Golden Rock. For about three years my duty was to practice Asana both in the morning and evening.

Then afterwards whenever I had time I have been doing Asanas. Even this day I do Tholungasana, Yoga Mudra and sit the Padhmasana for half an hour. Only when there is health there is world.

In those days, degree was got only after regular attendance in college. But times have changed. At present time, it is possible to get a degree by postal tution. In the same way reading this book, grasping the procedure in the mind, asanas can be practiced. If one finds that a particular asana is not suitable to his physical frame, better leave it and select that which suits you.

One point I wish to stress again and again Asana practice has to be undertaken slowly step by step. Any rough method should be avoided. Mind should be calm be free from anger and lust. Anger is the chief enemy of man.

Let us all get the wonderful fruit of Kundalini Sakthi as explained in Raja Yoga. Let us all be healthy.

“Om Namah Shivaya”