Vama Pavana Mukthasana

Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | 1:28 AM

This can be correctly defined as a relaxation asana.


1. Spread a blanket.

2. Sit over it in the usual way.

3. Bend the right leg and raise to the chest level.

4. Catch hold of the right leg with the two hands.

5. Repeat the process for the other leg.

Fruit of Asana

Pavana Mukthasana and the above asana can be best done by lying down. Any kind of back pain will be removed. Persons who have to sit for long hours will find these asanas very beneficial. Even now whenever I get back pain due to over work, I used to be down on a blanket and catch hold of the two bent legs with the hands. A rest for about ten minutes is enough for removing any back pain. It may be noticed that in this position the backbone is completely on the ground. Hence there is relaxation.