Ardha Matsyendrasana

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There is a story about this asana. By the grace of Lord Siva fish became a yogi by the name of Matsyendra.
In the asanas described in the previous chapters the spine was curved forward and backward. By this asana the spine is twisted sideways. If we closely observe the domestic animals like dog or cat every time they get up after sleep they twist the backbone to a great extent. Some times they lid down and twist the body several times.
Nature has taught them this lesson to make the spinal bone flexible. Even when they are sleeping the dog or the cat stretch the four legs and lie on the side. The elephant will always be moving the trunk and legs. Elephant will rarely be steady. I presume that this motion also a form of pose suitable to the body and make it in a fit condition.


1. Spread a blanket and sit on it in the usual way.
2. Bend both the legs.
3. Move the left leg and bring the foot near the generative organ.
4. Bend the right leg and bring it near the beginning of the left thigh.
5. In this position the right leg knee portion will almost be in a vertical position.
6. Place the left palm in the left knee joint after bringing the hand clos to the outer portion of knee.
7. Making a twisting the backbone bring the right hand to the back as far as possible.
8. In the same way do with the other position.
Some fat persons may find it difficult to take the hands towards back. Do it as far as possible.

Fruit of Asana

This enables to raise the Kundalini Sakthi. Muscular pain will go away. Spinal nerves portion gets more blood circulation. Backbone becomes flexible.

“Om kethu “Moorthaye Namah”