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If this asana is performed correctly, it will look like a grass-hopper. This can be taken as a simple asana.


1. Place a soft blanket folded length-wise.
2. Lie down on it facing the ground.
3. Place the hands on the sides close to the body or just below the belly as it suits you.
4. Have the body firm.
5. Breathe gently and retain the breath. At this stage raise both the legs. In the initial stage it will be possible to raise the legs just to a space of about twenty centimeters or so.
6. At this stage raise the head and up to chest region.
7. Coming to the normal position exhale.
8. This can be repeated some five or ten times according to the time available.

Fruit of Asana

Undigested food will be moved towards anus. Thus constipation will be removed. Kidneys, pancreas will function normally.

“Om Shri Shanmukaya Namah”