Ardha Padhmasana

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The word “Ardha” means half. This asana is suitable for persons with big thighs.


1. Spread a blanket four folded.

2. Sit over it in the usual way facing east or north direction.

3. Place the right leg over the left thigh.

4. Place the left leg below the right thigh.

5. Sit erect.

6. Place the hands on the lap one over the other or in Chin Mudra style.


Some people put only left leg over the right thigh. Hence this is according to the physical stature.

Fruit of Asana

All the benefits of Padmasana can be got in this also. But please note that this is only the beginning stage of Padhmasana and try to sit Padhmasana in due course.

Since this Asana is simple one, no drawing is given.