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This can be considered as a difficult asana. This has to be practiced slowly. Persons of thin frame and youngsters can do this easily. Acrobats make young boys to do this asana several times in the street. “Chakra means wheel” this is like half wheel


There are two ways is doing this. That which suits your physical nature may be chosen.

First way

1. Place a blanket over the ground.
2. Stand on one end of it.
3. Slowly bend the body backward taking the hands also towards the ground.
4. Bend the body still further till the hands touch the ground.
5. Now in this position the backbone is given a good curve.
6. Slowly come to the original position.

Second Way

1. Lie flat on the ground in the usual way.
2. Bend the leg and place the palm surface on the ground near the head.
3. Slowly raise the body and the head.
4. The body can be raised as much as can to give a curve.
5. Then come to the original position. This can be repeated some four or five times

Fruit of Asana

Even one or two minutes duration in this asana is enough. The benefits are many. The backbone becomes very flexible as rubber. All the internal organs are made to function properly. The benefits of Dhanurasana, Bhujangasana and Salabasana are got by this asana.

Due to your physical frame if you are not able to bend the backbone, lie down and placing the palm on the ground gently raise the body and then come to normal position. You can do this way some five or six times. Then take rest.

“Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya”