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If this asana is properly done it looks like a balance.


1. Spread a blanket four folded.
2. Sit on it in the usual way.
3. Have the legs in Padhmasana type.
4. Place the palms below the buttocks.
5. Gently lie down.
6. Raise the head and chest so that the chin may touch the chest.
7. In the above position raise the legs in Padhmasana.
8. The entire body is resting on the strength of the palms.
9. It is possible to give a to and swing as a cradle.
10. Come to the original position.

Wind trouble in the stomach will cured. Since the intestines are pressed all the feacal matter is pushed towards anus. Lungs will be in healthy condition. Muscles and nerves of the hand will be healthy. This is my favourite asana.

“Mrityorma Amrithamgamaya”