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When properly done this asana looks like a white necked kite. When this kite sits on the branch of a tree it invariably raises on leg and balance the body. Some types of crane also stand on one leg bending the other leg.
In the T.V .drama programme or in cinema dialogue, if we closely follow we can hear this dialogue; “My son is standing on one leg and is adamant that he will marry only that girl” so laments his mother. If we see the picture of Dhuruva doing tapas we can notice that he is standing on one leg placing the other foot on the other thigh. If the hands are also raised in this position it is a form of intense tapas.
We are created to stand or walk only by tow legs. If we stand on one leg, for which we are not created, it is a form of sacrifice and certain benefits are got.


1. Stand erect.
2. Fix the right leg firmly on the ground.
3. Raising the left leg make a twist over the right leg.
4. In this Position the two thighs will be crossing.
5. Place the left hand circling the right hand.
6. The palms will be facing each other.
7. After coming to the normal position follow the same procedure for the other leg.

Fruit of Asana

It will be seen that the entire weight of the body falls on one leg. This asana will increase the height. By gradual practice it will be possible to stand up to ten minutes in this asana closing the eyes mentally repeat ‘OM’. This is a form of Tapas. This Asana can cure Hydrocele.

Normally our standing position is also an asana. Hence there are rules for this also. When we stand the weight of the body has to be distributed evenly on two legs. Making a curve of the body or putting the weight of the body on one leg etc is not the normal way. Only during this asanas we stand on one leg and that too for some minutes.

“Om –is present past and future”