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This is another sub type under Padhmasana. These sun types enable us to get mastery over Padhamasana. Hence these are only different stages.


1. Spread a blanket over the ground.
2. Sit on it facing east or north direction.
3. Place the legs as described under Padhmasana.
4. Catch the right toe with the right hand fingers.
5. Catch the left toe with the left hand fingers.
6. In this position it can be seen that the hands crossed manner.
7. Sit erect.
8. Then come to the original position.

Fruit of Asana

The hands are kept in Chin Mudra style, or on the lap one over the other or as descrived above. When I made a full study on this I find that many great saints have chosen to keep the palm one over the other on the lap. Equally so many have done tapas have preferred Chin Mudra manner.

This pose is also regarded as a tapas style. Hence placing of hands is according to the individual taste. All benefits of Padhmasana are also got in this.

Since this Asana is simple one, no drawing is given.