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This can be considered as an advanced Padhmasana type and some what difficult in the practicing period. To practice this asana a stool or a chair or a bench is also required. After full practice this can removed. This is one of the favourite asanas I do.


1. Place the chair or bench away from the wall leaving a space of about three feet.

2. Place a blanket over the ground in the space between the chair or bench.

3. Sit over it in the usual manner.

4. Have Padhmasana pose.

5. Now catching hold of the chair or bench stand up on the strength of knees.

6. Now slowly raise both the hands above the head. The hands have to be straight.

7. if you happen to fall on the front side you can catch hold of the chair or bench. On the backside there is wall.

8. The knees may give some pain in the early stage but after a few days practice there will not be pain. If there is pain gently run the knees with some pain balm or oil.

To learn cycling one has to fall some three or four times at least. Once there is balance it becomes easy to ride on the cycle.

Some young boys ride on the cycle even without holding the hands on the handle bar since the art of balancing has been learnt well. In the same way, till you learn to balance the body there may be some difficulty. In my school days, some sixty years back my teacher used to give punishments to the students by asking them to stand on the knees. In this style the legs are at the back portion,. In this asana the standing is on Padhmasana.

Fruit of Asana

More quantity of air goes to the lungs. Hence conjestion in the lungs will be removed. There is more blood circulation. Rheumatism will be cured. Legs will have more strength. This is a beautiful Asana. It is quite possible to be in this asana even up to ten minutes. After coming to the normal position have some rest.

“Om Tat Vayu”