Uthitha Padhmasana

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In the previous asana we stood in Padhmasana pose on the strength of the knees. In this we rise the body on the strength of the hands.


1. Spread a blanket over the ground.

2. Sit over it in the usual way.

3. Have Padhmasana pose.

4. Place the hands by the side, palm facing the ground.

5. On the strength of the hands gently raise the body.

6. If it is possible, retain the breath when the body is raised pose.

7. The body should not shake. Though there may be fear whether there will be fall, it is not likely.

8. Lower the body and exale.

9. Some experts can give a forward and backward wing as a cradle. This is according to the strength of the body and hands.

Fruit of Asana

Since breathing is retained in the lungs, all lungs troubles are removed. The nerves in the hands and palm are nourished. When this asana is practiced daily “catching cold” problem will not come.

“Om Tat Atma”