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The word “Padha” means foot and the word “Hastha” means hands. This is foot-hand pose. Pachamothasana is done sitting pose while almost similar pose is done in standing pose. Persons who are having big belly will find it very difficult to do this. To the possible extent this can be practiced.


1. Stand erect.
2. Hang both hands side ways as usual.
3. Place the feet giving some space between them.
4. Raise the hands.
5. Without bending the legs bring the body downward and bring the hands also towards the ground.
6. Catch hold of the toes.
7. While you are bending breathe gently.
8. Some experts who are advanced in this can place the head on the knee region.
9. Slowly come to the original position.

Fruit of Asana

The thighs are strengthened wind trouble is removed. Nadis are purified.

So much difficult pose as this looks, is done partially by young girls. During Dhanur month during fog and chill weather season, young girls decorate the ground, open space, with rice flour or Rangoli powder. This is a unique art for ladies. There are very many varieties in this art.
They put dots and lines circling the Dot, figure of peacock etc. are drawn unmindful of the chill weather, in the early hours of the day, they stand for an hour or so bending the body, without bending the legs and decorate, by placing the fingers only on the ground. However some elderly persons bend the legs slightly. This is also a part of this asana.

“Om Sivaya Namah”