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This is a peculiar Asana. All of us sit on a chair. Imagine a sitting position without a chair. This is something similar to this. Just look at the stair case. There is plain space of about six inches or so, then a height of about six inches and then a plain space and so on. This asana is similar position.


1. Place a chair in front of you.
2. Stand erect.
3. Place both hands on the hip region.
4. Slowly bend as if you are to sit.
5. If you happen to fall you can catch hold of the chair.
6. Firmly fixing the toes bring the body up to the knees vertical to the ground. In this position the stomach and the upper portion is straight.
7. This asana is also done sitting on the toes heaving some space between the thighs and leg muscle.
8. Come to the normal position slowly

Fruit of Asana

The weight of the body falls on the ankles and toes. Hence this position of the body becomes strong. Diseases in chest region will be cured. Elephant leg will also be cured by continuous practice from the beginning stage of the disease.