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One baktha (Devotee) offers prayers to God to grant him a boon not to give any more birth. The baby in the womb in the advanced stage of pregnancy is confined in the womb and is much press. Its suffering unimaginable. What relevancy has this vedantic version in the book? Yes. This asana is almost similar to that. This is a difficult asana. This is to be taken up when full practice in other asana has been got.


1. Do this asana by the side of the wall since there are chances to fall on the back.
2. Place a folded soft blanket.
3. Place the legs in Padhmasana type.
4. Push the two hands through the space between the legs and thighs and catch hold of the ears, right ear by right hand and left ear by left hand.
5. Balance the body. If you happen to fall, there is wall to protect.
6. If Padhmasana pose is not possible have the legs in the usual way and catch the ears as explained.
7. The entire weight falls on the buttocks.

Fruit of Asana

Digestion power is increased. Intestinal diseases are cured. Legs will get strength.