Akarshana Dhanurasana

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This is slightly different from Dhanurasana since it is easy also. The name describes that this is like a string of the bow with the arrow on it ready for hit.


1. Fold a blanket lengthwise and place it over the ground.
2. Stretch the legs.
3. With the left hand fingers catch the right leg toe.
4. Slowly bend the left leg till it comes near the chin.
5. In this position the thigh will be near belly.
6. Like this, by the right hand catch the left toe. Make a twist of the elbow towards back. The two legs will be in cross- position.
7. Practice the same in the alternate position.

Fruit of Asana

To some extent Dhanurasana benefits are got. The hip portion gets strength. There is more blood circulation for this region.