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Our body is also a sort of machine like a T.V. set or fan or an electric motor etc. all these require some rest after working for an hour or two at a stretch. The heat produced in the machine has to come down to normal. So also this physical mechanism requires a rest for some time whether after asana or any other work.

Even great saints after intense meditation (in Himalayas) for an hour or two relax for some time gazing the green or the ever-flowing Ganges. Walking is also a form of relaxation. In the same way after doing the various asanas, the bones, joints etc. are given forward, backward curve. The internal organs are pressed and expanded. Hence Savasana is very important. Savasana is not merely lying down. It is something more. In what position one is lying is important.


1. Spread a blanket.
2. Lie down on it.
3. Stretch the legs fully without leaving space between the knees.
4. Place the hands on the sides as usual.
5. Close the eyes.
6. Mentally give relaxation, beginning from the foot and ending with the head.
7. Breathe slowly.
8. Mentally repeat “OM” or Ishta Mantra.

Fruit of Asana

The body gets new vigour after full relaxation.

Due to the gravitation force of the earth any article can be in a fixed position only when it is under stable equilibrium. When we walk or sit on he ground or on a chair, our body id not having stable equilibrium. That is the reason, we feel tired after sitting for long duration in office or elsewhere. After returning home we like to lie down.
It is also not correct to think that out body is not in perfect equilibrium while sleeping. Only when the backbone is on the ground, complete rest can be got. During Savasana time since all parts of the body are in line with gravitation force there is full relaxation.