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There is proverb in Tamil that for the eight linear measure of the hand, the head is important. There is also a golden saying as “that which came as a blow to the head, went off with the turban or cap”. Hence the head is considered as an important part of the body.

Because the head is considered important it does not mean that the heart or liver or kidney are not important. In out body every organ is important. Even when one organ does not function property there will be some sort of complication.

The head may be taken as the control room for the entire system. Except when lying down for sleep the head is always at a distance from the ground. Hence when this head is placed on the ground special benefits are got when the lion is considered as the king of forest Sirasana is the King of Asanas.

The most wonderful creation of God is that the brain is kept inside the head. When we read medical books we can know man facts on the functions of the brain. Oh! How many in formations one has to grasp in the life to be a learned man. Some of the wonderful functions of the brain are as follows.

1. Memory power.

2. To realize the pictures seen by the eyes in their proper form

3. To grasp well the pictures sent by the eyes.

4. To discriminate the good and bad.

5. To grasp the news given by ear, eyes, touch etc.

6. To think

7. To grasp the messages give by the entire nervous system.

8. To warn, when there is an illness,

And many other functions.

From the cradle to the grave, the brain works throughout and becomes a handful of ash after death. There is a link between the brain and the spinal nerve centres. In my opinion that by Sirasasana the brain and the spinal nerves get good blood circulation and the eyes, brain get are made to function properly to be a healthy person.

This Sirasasan is also known as kapalyasana, Vrikshasana, Viparitakarani. As noted earlier this difference in the name is seen for many asanas. God has many names and same asana is called by different names. Water is called H2O in Chemistry, Pain in Hindi, Thanneer in Tamil.


There are some important rulings for practicing this asana.

1. This asana has to be practiced only by the side of the wall.

2. Place a soft blanket on the ground.

3. Wear only an underwear. A thin baniyan may be worn if needed.

4. Forget haste in doing asana.

5. Empty stomach is essential. Hence it goes without saying that this asana should not be done after food.

6. If you consider any help is needed you can request your friend to stand by your side.

7. Do this step by step.

8. Make a finger lock of both hands and place it over the blanket with the palm surface facing upward.

9. Bend the body forward and keep the head over the palm. In this position the toes will be on the ground.

10. Slowly raise the legs from the ground.

11. Raise the legs to the full length. Now it will be seen that you are standing in your head down.

12. One or two minutes duration is enough in this asana in the early stage.

13. Then slowly bring down the legs and stand for a few minutes.

14. It is better to drink a cup of milk after this asana.

When this asana is in full pose breath gently. Some people may have a peculiar sensation in the eyes when they place their head downward and raise the legs. In such cases stop with the first stage, (i.e.) place the head over the palm. The legs may be on the ground. When full control is got in this position raising of the legs may be taken up.

So long a description has been given to this asana. But this is very simple for young boys playing on the sand. They do somersault quite easily. What is more wonderful is that street beggars make the monkeys do this somersault many times. Many do not think that causing pain to the animals is punishable crime.

Fruit of Asana

Many wonderful benefits are derived by this asana. One develops remarkable memory power. Defective vision is cured. Asthma, Rheumatism, liver trouble are also cured. Above all these benefits, this asana helps to raise the kundalini sakthi through sushamna Nadi.


By nature man is created to stand on two legs with head away from the ground from its gravitation force. During sirasasana the head receives more gravitation force and due to this some unique results are got. In the normal standing position, we have to stand erect with the hands in dangling position. In the standing position if the hands are placed over the head it is considered as bad omen.

“Om Adityaya Namah”