Hasta Vrikshasana

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This is a bit difficult asana. As explained already we have been created to stand and walk with the help of the legs and foot. Instead of this, walking by hands is a peculiar pose only those who are very familiar with Sirasasana can practice this. During the recently held world sports many would have seen in the T.V. programme that sportsman did this and more so on parallel bars.


1. Spread a blanket on the ground.

2. Place both hands on the ground, palms facing the ground.

3. On the strength of the hands lean towards the wall.

4. There may be possibility to fall and hence it will be better to have a friend near by to help you.
5. Slowly take the legs away from the wall.

6. Now the whole body weight is on the two hands.

7. Then slowly come to the original position.

Fruit of Asana

All the benefits of Sirasasana and more so the hands become strong.


If you are not able to do this better leave it. Stout persons cannot do this easily.

Since this Asana is simple one, no drawing is given.

“Om Chandhraya Namah”