Urdhwa Padhmasana

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This can also be said as a sun type under Padhmasana. In the Sirasasana legs may shake but in this pose that is ruled out.


1. Spread a blanket over the ground.

2. Make a finger lock and place it on the ground palm facing upwards.

3. Come to the sirasasana pose.

4. Slowly bring the legs to the Padhmasana position. If you are not able to have legs in Padhmasana type, have the legs in the usual sitting position.

5. There is no possibility to fall down but however it is correct to do this by the side of the wall.

6. Breathe gently.

7. Then slowly come to the original position.

Fruit of Asana

All the benefits of Sirasasana can be got in this. It is possible to be in this asana for even five minutes. I have been doing this asana than Sirasasana. I find this more comfortable.

“Om Angarakaya Namah”