Some Rulings

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The world Asana means a particular pose of the body to give some benefit. When somebody comes to our house we offer him a seat. This sort of welcome means, be seated in your convenient pose on the chair. There are some important rules for practicing Yoga Asana. The first point for consideration is the place. Most of us are living in very small house having only tow rooms.

Even for this the rent is very high, such is the present day condition, in big cities many people are living in lanes. Here fresh air is a problem. But for Yoga Asanan practice, fresh air and sunlight is of primary importance. If there is open terrace Yoga Asana can be practiced there.

But too much sunlight and chill air are not good for Yoga Asana and pranayama. Verandah of temples or any hall is suitable,. For the same reasons, seekers after truth have selected riverside places near mountains. It is also not correct to give up practice on the plea that there is no proper place, we have to adjust and make suitable arrangement in the available circumstances.

Next important point is a calm atmosphere. It is a common scene that in the building where several families are living, the noise from the Radio from one house, the quarrel from the other house etc. are there to disturb the calmness. It is not possible to correct the neighbour and if it is asked the situation will be worse. But one thing is possible. The members in out house can co-operate by keeping a congenial and calm atmosphere.

Yoga Asana can be practiced by male or female, young or old. As regards ladies, according to their physical conditions, certain Asanas are not much necessary for them. More so, pregnant ladies should avoid Asanas. When the embryo is under developing stage, asanas may do some dislocation., ladies can leave the days (one or two) before the monthly period and one or two days after that. The interval period may be suitable for asanas. Best course is to learn asanas before marriage. For some people due to physical stature certain asanas may not be possible. Such persons can leave difficult Asanas and practice easy Asanas.

In the beginning Asanas have to be practiced only by the side of the wall. Asanas should not be performed after food. This will only create complications, stomach should be empty. It is also necessary. Avoid coffee or tea after practice of Asanas.

Nutrition is rather different from taste for tongue. Leafy vegetables like bitter gourd, cabbage, cucumber, green plantain, lady’s finger, snake gourd etc. are good. Too much of tamarind or chilli dishes should be avoided. Any food prepared in the morning becomes cold in the evening. This should not be taken since cold food may develop Tamas Guna in the mind. By Yoga Asana both the body and the mind receive the required treatment by way of health and mental concentration.

For practicing Yoga after reading the book one has take very patient. Doing Asana in haste or roughness is not likely to give the required benefit, especially Sirasasana and Dhanurasana have to be practiced slowly. Rest for one or two minutes after each Asana is required. To the best of my ability I have described each Asana in detail.

“Om Sivaya Namah”