First step in Asana

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For getting proficiency in any field there is training for certain period. One learns sine fundamental theories in that field. So also before learning Asanas some training for out joints in the body is needed. Out body is of several bones teid by muscle chords so suitably to give easy movements to the joints.

Because these joints move freely we are able to sit stand, walk, write etc. hence these joints should function correctly. Further the entire body is covered, so to say, by nervous system when even one small nerve is affected complications set in. Hence as a first step we have to give some minimum exercise to the joints.

A) Fore neck Joint

1. Bring the head downward near chest

2. Move the head backward to the possible extent. If the neck is moved too much there is the possibility of getting a sprain on the neck. Ancient people were also as intelligent as we are. Perhaps they thought that this exercise is required for everybody. They built temples with tall towers (Gopuram as called inTamil). Id one has to view the top of this tower, the head naturally goes towards the back. What a wonderful idea!

3. To move the head forward and backward alternatively.

4. To move the head to the right side towards the shoulder.

5. To move the head to the left side towards the shoulder.

6. Move the head right and left side alternatively.

By these exercises the neck joint becomes flexible.

B) For the Hand

1. Stand erect and stretch the right hand forward.

2. Standing erect stretch the right hand sideways to give an angle of 90 degrees.

3. Standing erect raise the right hand above the head. The hand has to be straight.

4. Standing erect give a clockwise circular motion to the right hand.

5. Standing erect give an anti clockwise motion.

6. In the same way, do for the other hand.

7. Stretch both the hands forward close and open the fingers.

8. Join both the hands in the manner as we do namaskar to elders. In this manner the joined hands are near the chest. But take the joined hands above the head. (For doing Namaskar to God in the temples the hands should be only in this way).

9. Take the joinged hands towards the back as for as possible.

By this exercise the shoulder joints and the joints in the hand become flexible.

C). For Leg

1. Standing erect stretch the right leg straight so as to be parallel to the ground. Bring the leg to the original position.

2. In the same way do for the left leg.

3. Do like this alternatively, by this, the leg joints more freely.

D) For Hip and Back bone

1. Playing both the hands in the usual way give a forward bend to the body.

2. Coming to the original position, give a backward bend.

3. Coming to the original position, give a bend on the right side.

4. Coming to the original position, give a bend on the left side.

By this, the hip joints are made to move freely.

These exercises are nothing new. Many of us have done these and more in out physical exercise class. Each practive may be done some five or six times for about a fortnight or so, according to the availability of time. After these exercises, drink a cup of milk.

“Om Sivasakthyai Namah”