Types of Asanas

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There is a legend that Lord Parameswara explained Raja Yoga to Shri Parvathi Dhevi. In the temples in making the statues of God ( a form representing God) certain types of unique Asanas can be seen, (Asana is a particular pose the body as already said). For example at Chidambaram the unique dancing pose of Shrei Nataraja (Shiva Rupa) has a charm.

At Palani the majestic standing pose of Lord Karthikeya signifies wisdom high order. At srirangam the lying poses of Lord Narayana, the standing pose of Shri Krishna at a Guruvayur, the sitting pose of Lord Ayyappa at Sabari Hills are all different charming positions.

With the flute in the hand, bending the left leg and standing on the right toe, giving three curves to the body, seeing Radha, is the beautiful pose of Shri Krishna. There are pictures and statues in this manner. The sound coming from the flute is the Pranava ‘Om’, the three curves in the body denote the three Gunas (Satwa, Rajo and Tamas), standing on one toe signifies that Brahmam is one, seeing Radha denotes that Prakriti is set in motion. My revered Guru Swami Sivananda has described in detail in his book on Shri Krishna. The style and form of Sakthi in sitting and standing are also divine poses.

In the world one person is not similar to the other. There are very many varieties in the shape of the body. Hence some may find difficult to do pachimothasana or Halasana. On this account you need not worry. To prevent disease and to get cure for the existing disease, Yoga Asanas take the first place, is my opinion, diabetes, severe constipation, piles, defective vision, nervousness and many other diseases are cured.

The supreme Lord with all kindness has created several flower bearing trees, creepers etc., This enchanting smell coming from these flowers fill the air. But are we enjoying the fragrance of rose or jasmine? No. instead of the fine rose smell, we get only polluted air coming from factories or foul smell from gutters or smoke filled air from vehicles.

Probably it will be a question mark for the coming generation as how pure and fresh air would be. A single man cannot change the environmental condition. But certainly he can have his own dwelling place clean. A scented stick in the room may be lit.

Yoga Asana can be practiced by all irrespective of caste or cread, rich or poor, young or old since healthy body is needed for all.

It is best to observes silence during Asana. Mentally the pranava Mantra “Om” may be recited. Or your Ishta Dvata Mantra or the golden verses of your religion may be mentally repeated.

There should be a soft carpet or blanket over which only Asana has to be practiced. If you have deer or tiger skin this can be placed over the carpet.

An underwear or Kowpeen is essential for doing Asana. Tight dress may be avoided. In the case of ladies suitable light dress to cover the upper portion my be used. Avoid spectacles.

Certain type of Asanas are for meditation, and certain type to bend the back bone forward, backward and side ways. Some asanas give new vigour to the nervous system and make the glands to function properly.

In this small book, I have described the easy asanas only, which can give sufficient healthy condition. There is a difference between a yogi and a common man. Those described in this book are for common people.

I have also described several subtypes in the above asanas. Take some rest after each asana. This has been stressed earlier also. It will take atleast two hours to do all the asanas. Then pranayama and Mudra have to be done. Hence according to the availability of time one can select those, which are suitable. I have given a model timetable at the end for your reference. You can use this or modify suitably according to your taste.

It has already been stated clearly that Asana is a particular pose of the body to derive certain benefit. Sitting, walking or reading etc., also different poses of the body for the various functions. There are rules for these functions also. One has to walk erect, sit erect, read or write in a proper manner and lie down in aproper form. Performing asanas for half-an-hour and not observing rules for the rest of the day may not bring much benefit. Hence please stand and sit erect. Read or write in proper pose.

“Om Namo Narayanaya”