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The word “Suka” means pleasure, happiness what is good, comfortable etc. The very name indicates that this asana is the most convenient one for all. Whenever I went to beach to attend any meeting or sit on the ground for seeing T.V. my favourite asana is this. Without any back pain one can sit in this pose for a longer duration.


1. Take a long thin cloth or a sportsman ankle tape (this tape is usually three inches breadth and made of wool).

2. Spread a blanket on the ground.

3. Sit over it in the usual way.

4. Bend the legs so that the knee cap is just near the chest.

5. Place one end of the cloth or tape at the knee joint and hold it by one hand.

6. Take the cloth or tape round the body and bring the other end to the original position.

7. Put a knot of the two ends.

8. Place both the hands in the space between the two legs, palms facing each other.

Fold the four fingers leaving the thumb. (In the olden days the teachers used to strike the erring students on the head with folded fingers and this is know as knuckle)

9.Sit erect.

Fruit of Asana
In this position the legs, backbone, the hands are all supported by the cloth tied round the body. When one is not able to so Padhamasan at least this asana can be done. This asana is also suitable for doing japa or meditation. Benefits of Padhmasana are got by this asana also. Many would have seen the picture of Lord Ayyappa of Sabari Hill.

If you note this carefully you can find a cloth tied in this manner. But the hands are placed in a different way, the left hand as a majestic posture and the right hand in the style to give grace to the devotees, which is unique pose for all forms of God.


Though the following side information is not relevant to this book, it is quite useful. Whenever we are going out, most of us carry one shoulder bag to dump all sundry articles. Along with this we can take one long towel. There is a proverb that “ Experience teaches man”. This long towel may be useful for first aid for any wound or cut on the way to prevent blood from coming out.

These various varieties are under Padhmasana with certain modifications. Hence it is needless to point out the importance of Padhmasana, which can be regarded as the king in sitting pose.