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This can also be considered as a sub type under Padhmasana. This is almost the usual way many sit on the ground.


1. Spread a blanket.

2. Sit over it in the usual way quite erect.

3. Stretch both legs forward.

4. Bend the left leg and place the foot near the right thigh.

5. Bend the left leg and place in between the thigh and knee muscle.

6. In this pose the foot of the two legs will be below the thighs.

7. Place the hands in Chin Mudra style. In the normal way the foot to the two legs will be at short distance. But in this asana the knee cap and the foot are at a wider space.

Fruit of Asana

One can sit in this asana for long time. Since sitting is erect the internal organs like liver, kidneys, etc. are not pressed and are in their normal positions.

Since this asana is simple one, no drawing is given.